This website provides up to date, precompiled Ruby versions. You can download these directly by choosing the desired version for your operating system from the list of versions for your Operating System.

Linux archives are statically linked, can be used with different Ruby versioning tools as described below.

Newer Mac archives are dynamically linked, and may not be usable on all systems. See travis-ci/travis-rubies#26.

Ruby Version Manager (RVM)

RVM 1.25.23 or later will automatically try to download binaries (after first trying the RVM server, the JRuby server).

Combine the reinstall command with the --binary flag to keep recompiled Ruby versions up to date:

rvm reinstall ruby-head --binary

If you have an outdated RVM version, update it by running rvm get stable.

rbenv and chruby

Manually download the appropriate Ruby version and place in the a subdirectory in ~/.rbenv/versions or /opt/rubies, respectively.

Alternatively, you can use a Ruby installer to automatically fetch binaries (see below).


After the pull request adding binary support has been merged, you can use this feature to download binaries from our server.

ruby-install --binary -M ruby 2.1.1